Monica Rougeau

It’s widely acknowledged that establishing meaningful connections and fostering trust are essential for driving effective leadership and facilitating growth. However, even with the best intentions, so many priests and business leaders encounter a common obstacle: the difficulty of forging these vital connections. So, the question persists: How can we authentically connect with those under our care to cultivate the trusting relationships essential for the Church’s growth?

In a recent blog, I emphasized the power of intimate gatherings in a relaxed atmosphere to foster those meaningful connections. This belief was reaffirmed during my latest Coffee Chat event, where I was able witness to the profound workings of the Holy Spirit. With minimal effort on my part, I simply invited individuals to join me at a local coffee shop at their convenience, with the sole focus of getting to know them better without diverting the conversation towards myself. Encouraging attendees to share their stories with each other resulted in not only new connections but also the building of trust and the experience of healing through these newfound relationships.

Here are some key insights I’ve gained from hosting these events and nurturing relationships with leaders who are building trust in their communities and spreading their impact by connecting with others.

  • Listen and Validate: Take time to understand and validate their emotions without judgment.
  • Show Genuine Interest: Demonstrate sincere interest in their well-being and growth, showing that you value them as individuals.
  • Be Authentic: Authenticity fosters trust. Be genuine, transparent, honest, kind, and respectful.
  • Prioritize Them: Shift focus from your agenda to understanding their needs.
  • Meet Them Where They Are: Adapt to their culture, background, and education.

In closing, let’s reflect on the timeless wisdom of my mentor, John Maxwell: “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” Let’s unite in overcoming the obstacles to connection and pledge to rebuild trust in our Church. Let’s ensure that those under our care feel seen, heard, and valued before we extend our hand for their assistance. By connecting our hearts first, we unify our faith and grow our Church.

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