Engaging in leadership development and support over the course of several months rather than only a few hours, will leave you better equipped to lead your parish and teams with clarity and confidence.
  • Engaged and guided growth for 6 months.Based on Kurt Lewin’s research findings of “The Learning Pyramid” and Herman Ebbinghaus’ “The Forgetting Curve”; we’ve developed programming where knowledge retention increases exponentially and sustainable skills are development. We apply content to your real-time scenarios as you gain applicable skills and wisdom during a 6-month life-cycle in your role.
  • Small group education & coaching model.This protocol ensures a balanced discussion that is not dominated by any one topic or individual. Perhaps even more important, the facilitated small group system emphasizes the sharing of lived experiences to capture the collective wisdom from group learning.
  • Individualized coaching sessions.The coaching sessions lead the participant through a process of self-discovery and understanding their unique situation more fully. Coaching sessions will not only identify blind spots, they will also stretch the leader to see a more empowering way.

Together, we will create a strategic plan that will bring clarity, form impactful commitments, and provide accountability to keep you progressing forward.


The Servant’s Table

What will you gain?
  • Increased confidence in leading your parish / team well.
  • Become more present to those you serve.
  • Improved time management and prioritization.
  • Discover a safe space to think out loud and explore specific scenarios with professionally facilitated discussion and learning.
  • Receive the value of insights from diverse perspectives and peers who understand your challenges.
  • Increase your ability to solve problems by identifying the gap of your blind spots.
  • Capture the wealth of the collective wisdom of your peers to expedite development.
  • Receive support, encouragement, and accountability to push through barriers inhibiting your progress.
Why should priests participate?

Being a part of The Servant’s Table gives the sometimes-overburdened shepherd an outlet to rely on a Professional Leadership Coach/Trainer and supportive peers, who are either “living it” or have already “been there, done that”. 

What will it take?
  • We will meet virtually once a month for 2 hours. You will include your own preparation time before the session and brief reflection time after the session.
  • Individual Coaching/Mentoring sessions will be 1 hour each and scheduled at your desired frequency (must use all 6 sessions within 12 months). Approximately 15 minutes preparation before session and brief reflection time afterward.
  • Time will vary on your action items between sessions, however; will mostly be in conjunction with your daily/weekly activities.
  • This will require an openness and willingness to do the things that are simple but not easy. It will challenge you to face your blind spots and step forward into doing the right things that can often be the most humbling.
  • This will be bundled with the comfort of your coach support and encouragement.
  • Current program cost is $2470. An invoice will be submitted upon participant’s acceptance into the program and will be payable by prior to the start of the cohort.
When is the next cohort?

Our next cohort is scheduled for Fall 2023.

Application period will open Summer 2023.