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Picture This

- You’re leading your team with calmness, tact, and more confidence than you’ve EVER had.


- You wake up every day with a sense of knowing that you and your team are poised to overcome any obstacle.


- You walk into work with a deep sense of purpose, you know exactly what you bring to the table while having the tools you need to help your team to grow and thrive.


- Your stress has been replaced with a serious sense of fulfillment and confidence because you LOVE what you do and you KNOW that you’re a rockstar at it!


Here at Elevare, we help leaders find clarity, insight, and confidence by tapping into their true potential. We’re all about building stronger leaders, and therefore, stronger teams throughout the world.


We know that it’s not enough to simply talk about what it takes to be a great leader, so our leadership development method is focused on equipping you with real-time, practical, applicable tools that you can start implementing right away.


As transformative leadership trainers, our focus is on growing you and your team's unique skills and strengths, and utilizing them to help you reach your highest potential!

What We Do:



Our coaching involves the ability to understand YOU. We dedicate time to fully understand your perspective and
develop a custom-tailored curriculum based on your specific strengths and needs.

We offer two levels of coaching support:

Individual Coaching – 1:1 private/confidential coaching.
When we are working with you 1:1, it is our highest objective to help you reach your potential and fully understand your purpose vision and goals.

Group Coaching – onsite or via video conference
Our powerful group coaching empowers each person to grow as an individual leader while simultaneously nurturing the group as a whole.



As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker, we offer customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budgets such as half-day and full-day workshops/seminars or even executive and personal retreats!

In our workshops, we will guide your team through various exercises based on your needs including communication and goal setting.

In addition, we can incorporate your organization’s meeting theme, mission/vision statement or build on your existing training schedule to best fit the needs of your group.


Our facilitated roundtables offer a combination of  educational content delivery, peer-to-peer learning, brainstorming, accountability and support in a confidential group setting to enhance your professional and personal skills.


Our roundtables produce greater results by harnessing the power of spaced repetition learning, collaboration and accountability.


We facilitate these sessions tailored to a specific audience who work in similar fields, however; are not direct competitors and are able to share their unique experiences.


With our Certified ADVANCED facilitator, we are able to offer customized workshops to better understand behaviors, develop more effective communication skills, navigate conflict and build stronger, more successful teams.  While individual human behaviors can be very complex, this is a simple yet powerful foundation of awareness & understanding using a common language everyone can understand.  The value is in its simplicity!


This is conducted as a fun and engaging group or individual session. Our ideal group size is 15+ participants - we recommend offering this to your entire staff.


The True Colors International behavior workshop serves as an ideal foundation to catapult your team to their highest level of productivity and effective collaboration.


We recommend that all businesses begin here as it lays a solid foundation for all leadership growth. It helps us to custom-tailor the techniques that will best serve your team. This results in the highest possible ROI of your leadership investment dollars.


About Monica

Monica is a Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who has set out to elevate those who, like her, aspire to world-changing levels of success.  


With the understanding that servanthood is at the core of such achievements, she founded Elevare, Intl. - a firm focused on developing people by nurturing the personal and professional transformation of leaders beyond title and position.

She believes that every person has UNLIMITED potential, and envisions a world where people are equipped to transform into the best possible version of themselves.


Monica’s extensive corporate background of almost 30 years in the healthcare industry, along with being a Certified Leadership Coach/Trainer with the John Maxwell Team, Certified Advanced Facilitator of True Colors International Behavior Workshops and a Licensed PeerSpective CEO Roundtable Facilitator, allows her to specialize in:

- Development of Leaders at all organizational levels

- Professional Roundtable Facilitation

- Building Successful Teams

Effective Communication Skills

- Conflict Navigation

- Foundational Leadership Principles & Practices


Monica has a knack for transforming under-performers to top performers. She also has the unique skill of identifying the underlying issues of a team in order to develop targeted strategies to address the issues and supply sustainable solutions.


Utilizing these skills she stepped up to serve a greater need: shifting mindsets to the true definition of leadership.


Monica is passionate about giving power to potential.   Being from South Louisiana with a culture passionate about people coming together, she recognizes their value and has the right stuff to bring about the world-changing success so many of us crave.

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Ryan  Cazares

Elevare's MasterMind Group was an excellent group that helped me get in touch with the leadership qualities I possess and those I need help with.  I highly recommend their courses to anyone wishing to develop leadership. 

Fr Brice higginbotham

The development I received with Monica Rougeau from Elevare in a Coaching/Mentoring relationship has been the single most effective piece of Leadership formation I have ever received.  Where other programs may have had good information, they didn’t really bear lasting fruit to help me grow.  The approach of walking with me in a multi-faceted method of learning has helped me to receive, use, and retain the skills needed to serve people well.  For these reasons and so many more, I cannot recommend highly enough the services of Monica Rougeau and Elevare. 

lori cimoch

The coaching I received from Monica with Elevare helped me to rediscover my inner purpose, find clarity in the chaos of my mind, develop a plan & strategies, and receive accountability to move forward with my vision.  By having Monica partner with me in this journey, I progressed farther in my business in 4 months, than I did in the past 4 years.



Monica Rougeau

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