About Me

I am Monica.

My vision is to develop and support healthy leaders who are united in creating a culture where others can grow and thrive.

I help individuals discover their unique abilities and define the value they bring as leaders who create ripples of positive influence to those they serve.

I am a published author on the topic of Servant Leadership. In my book, Behind The Curtain: Discovering the Servant Leader Within, I share insights into the realities of toxic cultures and how to lead toward something healthier and more sustainable.

Let’s set the stage for positive impact and growth. Are you ready?


I am a former healthcare executive with a passion for building successful teams and developing servant leaders.

In 2016, after 18 months of freelancing as a Certified Leadership Coach & Trainer, I launched Elevare International. My vision was to create a new kind of leadership that values the empowerment of unique abilities, inspiring influence, and authenticity.

I believe Divine intervention played a role in our first major contract, which came through an Instagram post from a client in Italy. This led to Elevare facilitating leadership workshops in Rome for Catholic priests from around the world. From there, my big dream began to take a unique and more meaningful shape.

I have since received advanced training and certifications in CEO Roundtable facilitation, Temperament & Behavior workshops, and Spiritual Direction.

My experience and expanded trainings provides a niche to work with those who are committed to becoming true servant leaders, not just in word but in deed. At Elevare, we believe that true transformation is a lifelong journey. Our programs and services will help you move from a place of overwhelm and isolation to one of courageous clarity, beginning with uncovering your unique gifts and desires for growth.

Leadership is so much more than being a boss, it’s about how you are influencing and serving others to help them become their best. Let us support you on that journey.

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In her book Behind The Curtain: Discovering the Servant Leader Within, Monica shares the impact of toxic cultures and gives insight into establishing healthier and more sustainable work environments.