Monica Rougeau

In today’s first reading, we hear about St. Stephen, the patron saint of Deacons, whose story resonates deeply with the essence of service and leadership within the Catholic Church. Reflecting on this, I am reminded of my dear friend, Dcn Jules Breaux, and our conversations over our shared passions for growth, leadership, and the Catholic faith.

During a recent visit, I was sharing with him about my practice of establishing a foundational understanding of leadership during presentations and workshops to get everyone on the same page. He then shared with me that a Deacon’s role is to act as a bridge between the Church and the laity.

Exploring this analogy further, I couldn’t help but reflect on the bridges scattered across the landscape of where we live in South Louisiana – from grand structures spanning the Mississippi River to humble bayou crossings. Each serves the fundamental purpose of connecting separate entities and requires regular maintenance for safety. Similarly, effective leadership acts as a conduit, creating those safe spaces to unite individuals under a shared vision and purpose.

Yet, as stewards of servant leadership within the Church, we are called to assess our own structural integrity: Are our leadership bridges robust and reliable, fostering seamless connections? Or do they harbor weaknesses that hinder collaboration and communication?

Let us pause today for honest self-reflection and commit to fortifying and expanding our leadership bridges, ensuring they unite, empower, and guide our Church towards a brighter tomorrow, as beacons of faith, hope, and love.

As we navigate our roles within the Church, may we be guided by the Spirit, ever mindful of our responsibility to bridge gaps and nurture unity in faith.

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