Have you ever launched initiatives with great intentions, only to watch them crumble due to a lack of sustainability? As we reflect on today’s Gospel reading (Luke 14:25-33), it underscores a crucial leadership principle essential for growth and change. It urges us to assess our resources, especially the talents within our community, before embarking on any journey.

Before your next growth initiative, consider the following:

  1. Thorough Preparation: Just as a builder estimates costs before building, leaders must meticulously assess their resources, especially their team’s talents. Comprehensive understanding and proper preparation are keys to successful execution.
  2. Avoid Pitfalls: Realize that plans rarely go perfectly. Wise leaders ensure resource readiness with well-trained and equipped individuals, backed by contingency plans for unforeseen challenges.
  3. Set Realistic Goals: While lofty visions are admirable, break them into achievable, resource-aligned steps. Realistic goals maintain motivation, purpose, and fulfillment, ensuring initiative completion (remember S.M.A.R.T. goals).
  4. Maintain Integrity and Credibility: Just as Luke’s Gospel warns against unfinished projects, a leader’s integrity and credibility are at stake during any initiative. Resource assessment safeguards your reputation as a dependable leader.

As we approach the new year with renewed intentions, ask yourself: “How are you building a foundation for success that can endure the test of time?”

Wishing you a purposeful and impactful year ahead.

With respect and love,

I am Monica. I am a former healthcare executive with a passion for developing and supporting healthy servant leaders who are united in creating a culture where others can grow and thrive.

Through leadership coaching, training, workshops, and online courses, I help individuals discover their unique abilities so they can create ripples of positive influence to those they serve.

Let’s work together to create a parish that shines brightly in our communities. Are you ready?

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