What exactly is a leadership coach?

May 4, 2017

We're glad you asked!

We hear this question all the time, and usually it's followed with, "is that like life coaching?". 

The answer: not quite.


You see, most people are still unaware that leadership is not defined by their career position.

In fact, you may be wondering if "leadership" really even currently applies to you. Well it does! As a social being, you interact with people everyday even in the smallest of ways. And with each person you come into contact with, there is an exchange of influence. 

You mean I have influence over people like..... the cashier at the grocery store? 

Absolutely! And the cashier will have influence over you. Did you ever meet one that was obviously not happy about being at work that day? You probably came to the conclusion that they were just sour, or even rude, and you were just as ready to get out of there as they were. 

That's influence.


That was a negative example, but flip it around to a time you stopped into your favorite shop and were greeted by the biggest smile from behind the counter (which, if that's a regular occurrence, probably has something to do with why it's your favorite). It brightened your day! The joy that person carried reflected onto you, and that is a sign of positive influence. That is good leadership.


The problem is, our good people with the potential to become the greatest leaders don't realize it.  

And we have people in positions of authority who aren't fully equipped and may even abuse that power. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you must know that finding balance is more than just possible, it's necessary! 


As leadership coaches, we work to assess your strengths and areas of improvement. Then, through consistent evaluation, guidance, and support, we help people like you develop a process of growth that will not only increase your influence, but your overall success and sustainable happiness.

Leadership is the foundation from which we can all move forward. And if it's already in you.....

Why not invest in yourself so you can achieve your dreams of making an impact?


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